My Favourite Make-Up Picks for 2012

I’m not a make up artist and I don’t like spending thousands of dollars of cosmetics so I spend alot of time doing trial and error at the drugstore or watching youtube make up gurus and hoping their suggestions turn out. The problem with Youtubers is they all pay $60 for an eyeshadow at MAC. I wont do it. So Here are some great cheap picks that I love and use everyday. I even believe some of them are equal if not better than the expensive brands. I have test run all these products at work where I serve, at the gym, and even in the freezing cold and harsh winds of Canada.

My Primer

I am a Huge fan of my primer from Borghese. I got mine at Winners because if I didn’t get it from there I would have never found it. It is smooth and holds my make up so well! I think it cost me about $16 dollars. Winners is like the Canadian Marshall’s so I did get it at a discount online the regular price is $27. It seems like a lot but when you have nice base then everything else stay perfectly. I think it is worth it! (Borghese.Com)

My Foundation

I have been using Maybelline’s Sure Stay Foundation for a few years now. It is amazing! It has medium to full coverage but doesn’t feel cakey. I find it doesn’t smudge on to my clothes and last all day. Even If I am sweating up a storm at work I know my make up is staying. I use Natural Tan but I go a shade darker in the summer. You should always have two different foundations depending on the season especially if you live in Canada. You are not as dark in the winter as you are in the summer. I think I paid about $12 for this foundation. I also use the super stay concealer when I need to. Now I have to admit I do have a back up foundation I was using last year but I am kind of getting over it. I used Revlon ColorStay. I just find it is a little heavier and has too much coverage. Perfect for when i’m doing videos or photography but not for everyday wear.
My Eye Liner

I have 2 choices here, well actually 3. My liquid liner of love is L’Oreal’s Telescopic waterproof. This liner lasts all day! I was getting so use to liners smudging off on my when I finally found this one I was shocked. Even when I washed my face it mostly stayed on. It is a great product that lasts a long time. I have had this one forever! I think I paid about $12-15 for it but honestly its been awhile.
My second liner I got as a Gift from BH Cosmetics when I ordered my palettes from them. It is actually a really nice liner. It is also a liquid liner but it is in pen form which makes it easier to control. I love the way it applies and creates perfect lines. Best free product I have ever received! My Third liner is a pencil liner from again the Revlon ColorStay. I have had this liner for a long time and it is perfect. It is my go to liner. It holds all day and easy to control the lines.
My Eye Shadows
This is the BH Cosmetics 120 Colour Palette #2 I purchased online. They have a few palettes to choose from but I loved the colours of the glitter and matte shadows. I will probably be using this palette forever. The colours are amazing but the pigments are even better. The colour stays on all day without leaving nasty crease lines. Even better delivery time was super fast and nothing was broken because they packaged it so well! I recommend this company for sure! They have a sale on their palette’s right now. I think I paid about $27 for the 120 eyeshadow palette. (BH )

Before BH was Physicians Formula eye shadow palettes. I have not lost my love for these at all. Most of their products come kind of pricey but well worth it. They are beautiful and quality. They are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. I find they don’t really have a lot of matte colours for their eyeshadows. I got this one for christmas but they roughly go for about $10-17 at the drugstore. The best part about their products is that they are hypoallergenic.

My Mascara
Again, I have more than one pick but I apply both to add fullness to my lashes. L’oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black has been a favourite of mine since I started wearing make up. No it will not give you fake lashes and I hate that advertisements try and give the look like they will but this mascara will definitely fill out your lashes. It is a great mascara that makes my lashes seem full. This mascara goes for about $7 at the drugstore.
I got this one for christmas as well and I love it. It is apart of the voluminous line from L’oreal. I find it works a little better than the Carbon black but I love using them together to give a full look. It is just apart of my routine.
My Blush/Bronzer
I love love love Physicians Formula for blushes and bronzers. They are mineral wear Talc-free and light weight. I feel like they let my skin breath but they cover nicely and lasts all day. They don’t make me break out. They are perfect! They also have a nice little mirror inside and a brush. The brush is midly useless. I prefer to use my own but The mirror is handy for on the go. These powders do come at a cost. About $20-25 at the drugstores.
My Lipstick/Gloss

HA! I tricked you. I don’t really wear lipstick or lipgloss. I hate leaving marks on cups and such so until I find a nice one I like I am using my lipchap by Nivea. It is super smooth and makes my lips feel ultra soft! Who doesn’t love a good lipchap! Its about $2 at Walmart.

My Extras
This is my Body Spray, Super Model from Victoria Secret. It is light and feminine. I love that its not glass so I can bring it in my purse and not worry about it breaking. I bought it in the states when I was down there.. I think it was about $20. I am not sure. I don’t even know if they make it anymore. I have had this for a year but I love it so much.
My nails have been super brittle because I use to wear fake nails all the time. So I have stopped wearing nails and this treatment has been helping my nails so much! It is Complete Care by Sally Hansen. It was about $10 at the drugstore and I has helped grown my nails and make then stronger. I noticed in the first week!
My Toes need the Same treatment but I didn’t want to go with a clear coat. Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle has a beautiful red called 340 Divine Wine. It looks great on my toes! Its has also helped my nails grow!
I think I got this for roughly $5.
So I hope you guys like my picks for the year. Have you tried any of these products, if so what did you think? I know what it’s like to need advice on buying cosmetics so I hope this helps.
Stay Beautiful!

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