My oh my Murals!

If you like customized spaces the idea of a mural might be for you! Murals are beautiful pieces of wall art. They can create different moods and show personal passions. Before deciding if a mural is right for you, you need to know what it is!

What is a mural?
It is design or any form of artwork directly on the wall itself. murals can be hand painted or printed on a canvas or wall covering almost like wallpaper. Unlike wall paper murals are usual just places on one feature wall to create a focal point. They can be used anywhere, if its offices or at home. Murals can display something you are passionate about or a place you enjoy being.
Things you need to know before deciding on a mural.

You need to know the dimensions of the wall. Do you have crown moldings and baseboards? What is the traffic flow of the room you want your mural in? and more importantly… What do you want the image to be? You need to know all these things before even beginning.
Muralsyourway makes it easy to create a custom mural. They also have a wide selection of pre designed murals including amazing Disney character motifs.

The cost of murals vary depending on material, size, customization and installation.

Cleaning the mural is very easy, Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth. If you are sick of your mural and you want to take it down, it is just like a sticker. You just peal it off and wipe the wall clean. The murals do not damage your wall. of course if you decide to get someone to come in a custom paint your mural you will need to take different precautions in which you will have to ask the installer.

I have always wanted to get a mural for my own space. I think they are beautiful if done right. I would definitely do one for my child’s space when I get there. The idea that you can use Disney characters is an appealing choice for any child.

What do you guys think of murals? Would you get one? and if so what would you get and in what room?

I hope you guys feel inspired!

Happy Decorating!


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