A Healthier You!

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You can eat the right foods and hit the gym but here are a few things you might not be doing that is effecting your health!
Doing the Dirty in the Sheets

The bed you sleep on is collecting more than your Z’s. It is collecting Bacteria and dead skin cells. Ew, right? well this is why its important to be washing your bedsheets and pillow cases EVERY WEEK. You can do it on laundry day if it helps you remember but it is so important to your health and your skin. Cleaning your sheets can help you prevent Acne too!
Brushing up on Cleanliness

Make up can make you beautiful but it can also cover your face is bacteria if you don’t clean your brushes. You should clean your makeup brushes EVERY WEEK at least! You can buy brush cleaner at Sephora, or department stores. For step by step instructions on brush cleaning click here. You will feel the difference when a brush is cleaned properly!
Another brush you should be worried about is your hair brush. Your hairbrush collects all the gunky in your hair! If you brush your hair with a gunky brush you are only putting it back into your hair. I recommend washing your hairbrushes at least every two weeks. For instructions on how to clean your hair brushes click here.
The last brush on this list is your toothbrush. Bacteria lives in your mouth and the best way to get rid of it is to have a good toothbrush. You should change your toothbrush every 3 months or when you notice the bristles starting to fray and you should clean it after EVERY use. You should always throw away your toothbrush after being sick.
I hope these tip help you stay a little bit healthier this year!

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