Interior Design Show 2012

So Last week was the design show here in Toronto. And if you are unsure of what it is. It is a contemporary design show held everywhere in Toronto were designers and manufactures get together to show of their 2012 collections and trends. It was incredible as always. Fantastic booths events and speakers. Miele had great stages shows where they showed of their products, quite entertaining. Elte has a wonderful showcase of pieces, very inspiring.

Orro Mosaic was one of my favourites this year. I had never heard of them before and I walked into their booth and fell in love. They have beautiful design and intricate tiles. It was wonderful. Their representatives were not as charismatic as i would have liked but the tiles would overcome that mild concern. In the video I will have up tomorrow on my Youtube you will be able to see pieces from the booth.
So much inspiration at this show for sure! I was truely inspired by Canaroma’s booth and their designs. truely wonderful pieces. Very high end design but absolutely stunning.
Of course below are a few pictures of the event but check my FB for all of them and as I said the video will be up tomorrow!

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