Apologies and Switches

Ok ok I GET IT!. “Kat you are slacking hard!”

I know. I’m sorry, but as you know family comes first and that what i have been focusing my time on. I am back with a few great updates and goals I plan for the year!
For starters there will be more videos. There will be more blogs and more, more me!
I have place a video up today already to show I am dedicated to this. Its a short video on DIY light switches but totally worth a quick 3minute watch. Check it out HERE. (if the link doesn’t work just check the side bar on the front blog page).
Hmmm.. now for this years goals. My new year’s resolution was not to lose weight this year. mine was to lose debt weight which I feel is way more important but I do need to lose some real weight as well so starting tomorrow I’m going to try and lose 20 lbs in 4 months. Its possible without being unhealthy and I wont be underweight when I finish this transition. This is just because i’m tired of being “average” I want to be fit. So 6 am tomorrow morning i start training! I’m excited and I promise it will not take away from blogging.
Secondly, Blogs will come out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Youtube videos will be as of right now every saturday. hopefully soon I can make it twice a week but I just don’t want to promise that yet.
So what is to come? I have exclusive from the Interior Design Show 2012. Videos and pictures. Pictures are already up on my FB page so you have to check that out! the video will be up later this week.
Storage and organization ideas because spring cleaning is right around the corner! We also have a few craft videos for Valentine’s Day coming as well! I am so excited and I hope you guys are too! sorry again for the wait but thank you for staying with me!

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