So I started a facebook page as another way to keep in touch! There are some pictures on there that haven’t been posted before so don’t forget to check it out for sure! plus I don’t add people who I have not come into contact with to my personal facebook account so this is away I can connect to people everywhere that I just haven’t meet yet. Plus it lets you find out a little more about me! Remember to let me know everything about anything. if you have a question about a video, or you have an idea for me I will gladly answer anything I have very responsive on twitter and youtube. I’m becoming more active on facebook.

As well on the updates I have told you guys that my boyfriend is up in Canada for a while so he will be in my next video for sure! I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow. Anyways here is the link to my facebook. Like it, love it. You know how it is! ;D

So check it out!


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