Preparing for the gifts you don’t want

Those gifts, you know, the ones you open and you politely thank the giver but you know you are never going to use/wear it. They happen, but you can turn a crummy gift into a good deed. It is maybe the nicest way to re-gift and its called ‘donating’. There are so many people that are less fortunate and though you may not think that gift you were given was a prize catch, someone else might.

So where do you re-gift your unwanted gifts too? To very reliable sources are; the goodwill, Salvation army and Value village. These shops have an entrance where you can just drop off your unwanted new or mildly used items. They have a customer entry in which you can also purchase items. A certain percentage of the profits goes to people in need. So not only are you helping the environment by recycled new or used things, you are helping people.

So remember don’t trash your unwanted gifts make sure this year you donate them!

Here are the websites:

Salvation Army
Value Village

Happy Holidays!


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