House Flipping Game

Online Gaming
Everyone has seen the online baking games and roller coaster games but this is a game closer to my field. Of course you have to keep in mind it’s a game but you buy houses and you flip them!
It is very addictive! You look at the listings and buy a house. Once you buy the house you have 10 minutes to flip it. You get different options for different things. You can clean things, get things inspected or buy things brand new. When you think you have done a good job of putting your money in the right places to increase the value, then you have an open house. It shows several biders and what they are really looking for in the house.
While renovating you play little games that help fix the house. It ranges from putting in windows to cleaning floors. This game is all about figuring where to put the most amount of time and money into your fixer upper. I got super addicted to this game because I kept wanting to do better each time. The tricky part is that you never know ahead of time what is wrong with the house. Also the more expensive the houses got the more floors the house had which means the more work you had to do.
Overall a great mini online game to play or at least try out. It is something different then the usual online games you find which is what i found most intriguing. If you want to check it out the link is below! All images in this post are straight from the game.

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