Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

     You may not realize how many times you glace at a mirror but you would be more surprised with how a mirror can help enhance a room.  The mirrors below are more than just object used to put your lipstick on. These mirrors are pieces of art.


This first mirror is from Casalife.com . The frame is a hand forged metal with a satin silver finish. This mirror gives off a modern, elegant look. The frame is what attracted me to this piece the most. The balance of negative and positive space around the frame makes this piece look lighter.


Continuing with the circular shape this mirror, the Cyclone,  is from Uttermost.  It is suppose to give the illusion of movement. The sharp diagonal edges can add drama to a space.

A Piece of Yesterday 

This piece is another hit on vintage. From Anthropologie this mirror is framed in vintage ceramic tile. This beautiful piece of art is unique and colourful. It is great for someone with a bohemian or eclectic style.

Mosaic Waves Floor Mirror

Another take on the mosaic mirror this one is from Pier 1 Imports. The mirror is a floor length model with an over-sized frame decorated in different coloured pieces of glass. Because of its size, you could make this a funky focal point in a space.

Zebra Mirror
Staying with funky this last mirror from Snob takes the prize for funky.  This zebra print mirror is modern, sleek and sexy. Another great feature about this mirror is that Snob offers customization options. This means you can customize your space to your style, though, I was attracted to the original zebra print.
When you decide to start picking out mirrors for your space remember to pick one that suits your style and fits in the concept of your space. There is tons of great designs everywhere so take your time and choose carefully. 
Happy Decorating! 🙂


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