Remodeling Your Investment

When remodeling your home it is so important to stay on budget. I know, sounds amazing but not likely. Well here are some tips to the flip that will help you put your money into the right places.

Tip #1. Beautiful Kitchens are the Golden Key

    We have all heard this before. Real Estate agents will tell you that bathrooms and kitchens are the biggest selling point to a house (next to location, of course!). So what should you put your money to in the kitchen? Appliances need to be updated. Potential home buyers don’t want to throw in extra money when they move into a new home on updated old rusty appliances.

   Another key to a successful remodeled kitchen is space. Storage space and counter space are very important in the kitchen. You need room for eating, preparing and in majority of cases, for socializing. During parties people tend to gather in the kitchen,so when there is ample room people feel more comfortable.When you are cooking with others the extra space is nice as well.

Tip #2. Bodacious Bathrooms

   Let us start with numbers. The amount of bathrooms you have in your home can increase the value. If you don’t have a bathroom on the main floor and you have the space for it, invest in it. Even if it is just a small powder room. These bathrooms are great for resale for the fact that they are convenient. For extra luxury adding an attached master bathroom off the master bedroom is great for resale as well.

   In the bathroom you want to make sure all your fixtures are up to date. Good tile work in the bathroom will add great value as well. Hint: Don’t put carpet in a bathroom. And if you already have it in there.. Rip It Out!

Tip #3. Materials Matter

   You hear the phrase “Quality over Quantity” all the time. Well its very accurate. If you invest in quality products they will last you a long time.  People can spot a cheap so if your reselling you are not fooling anyone. Hardwood floors are a great example of quality flooring. People know its higher end and they are willing to put down more money for it in their spaces. Even just adding some simple moldings and woodwork can help improve the look of a space giving it a sense of luxury. It is nicer to look at then just a basic painted wall.

Tip #4 Energy for the Long Haul

    Going Eco-friendly has been a huge buzz in the most recent years but in a renovation going green may help you save on the green in the long haul. Investing in proper energy efficient doors and windows will not only improve the resale but will improve your energy bill every month. The amount of heating and cooling that you can loss to poorly paned windows adds up.

    Another great way to go green during a reno is recycling. Recycling old products to create new ones. Reclaimed wood flooring and furniture is very popular right now and can give a rugged, vintage look to a space.

So remember these tips before doing the flip. You want to invest your money into the right rooms so the payback will be beneficial to you.

Happy Decorating!


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