Vintage for the Fall? Ruche!

I love the vintage look in fashion. I think it’s trendy and timeless! I have been doing a ton of online shopping and hunting. I found this wonderful site called Ruche .

A beautifully designed website with an easy access layout. They make it easy to shop and the best part is that they ship to Canada!  

Ruche has quite the colourful history by starting off by selling sandals on ebay back in 2005 to now running their own website and even shipping international.

Now onto the merchandise! They have a beautiful fall collection with great pricing as well as  a “Think Pink” line dedicated to breast cancer awareness and an Eco-friendly collection for the environmentally conscious.

Ruche is not all about clothing either. They have unique jewellery, cute accessories and shoes, and even great items for decor.  Ruche is definitely a site that needs to noticed!

Best part… They have their own Blog! Check it out here! and you can follow them on Twitter @ShopRuche


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