Hot Picks for December 2010!

NEW UPDATE!: My school semester is and I got a computer revamp! I currently havent put on new video editing software so there will be no video this week either. I do have footage though so as soon as I get it a bunch of videos will be coming on the way!

Let us get right into it! Here are some hot design trends from the past month that are new and fresh. Let me make note that all these items below can be found in Toronto! So if you are in the Toronto area you do not have to travel far for these fantastic buys!

 Suite 22 ‘s Missouri Coffee table. This cross coffee table with its chrome metal base and glass top is perfect for a modern condo.
The Glam look is very hot right now and will be  up til the new year so why not pick up a decorative mirror piece. This contemporary piece from Urban Mode could be the focal point in any room.

This next designer fixture goes great with the up coming colour trends of 2011 so even though this piece has a pricey sales tag it is worth the investment. You can find this handman beauty at Anthropologie

Looking to freshen up your walls? Wallpaper is a hot trend coming back and better than ever! Crown Wallpaper has a bunch of great new wallpaper ideas including this one below. Deep rich purples are coming back in fresh so why not get ahead of the trend! The Buyer Beware, Crown doesn’t just sell their merchandise to anyone. Its a TRADE ONLY showroom so to get a full glimps of what they are all about you will need to look into hiring a decorator or designer. Click here for more info

Last but not least another favorite from Anthropologie . This Chambray Crowned Crane bedding has beautiful flower like folds. This cotton bedding can create a great focal point all in its own. Ranging from $58.00 – $350.00 Cnd  this bedding wont break the bank but will definitely give you the feel like is has.
Those are my Top 5 Picks for December! If you like any of the items feel free to check out the links. These websites have more amazing stuff that will make you fall inlove! Til next time Happy Designing!

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