Tree Trends for 2010

 Tree Trends for 2010

The countdown has started! Christmas is here and even though most of us have the  christmas trees up I decided to show you what is hot this 2010 for Christmas trees! 

This year is all about the secondary cool colours. Bright pinks, purples and teals are lighting up the trees this season. It creates a very fun contemporary look. The bright colours are young and fresh! Along with the vibrate colours there are tons of new ornament ideas as well! We are not just sticking to the traditional round bulb and ribbon! There are a ton of great fresh ideas. Stars and coloured snowflakes are very hot right now!  The is also some really unique ornaments out on the market.
 They have grenades ornaments that will really add that “WOW“ factor to your tree! The benifit of this ornament is extra special though because with every purchase of a pack of 6, hand grenade christmas accessories will send a donation to ctrl-alt-shift anti-global conflict cause. Who doesn`t want to donate to a good cause over the holidays?
To purchase a these cool grenades click Here .
OF COURSE… Tradition trees are always hot in the trends. They are classic! The timeless red and white will always be a favourite for the fact it is ingrained in our head as the `classic christmas`. While its traditional you can still add your own spin of contemporary. Throw in some silver pieces to add some glamour.
 Now, making sure your tree is always up with the latest trends in decorations you also have to consider the basic tree itself. First was the natural wood cut tree, then came the plastic put it together tree. After that came the fiber optics tree. But now a days we are concerned with the enviroment and christmas trees have been proven to add to the global warming issue (Click here to read more) so with the latest trends year round of Going Green they have a whole new type of tree that could even help save the enviroment. The Cardboard tree…

Designed by Cloud Gate Design LLC, This tree is small (standing at 3 feet by 3 feet wide) is ecofriendly and very affordable! For only $22.50 US, is great to give as a gift and great idea for creative kids! In addition, a portion of the profits from the Cardboard Christmas Tree sales are donated to the Arbor Day Foundation’s  Trees for America. Through this program, for every one dollar donated one tree will be planted in a damaged forest.

If your interested in this tree you can purchase it here
Along with this idea comes another great one from Australian design firm Buro North
     This Plywood Tree consists of four identical CNC-routed planes that fold together when not in use. Its not customizable like the cardboard tree but it is still very eco-friendly. This piece is great if your looking for a new contemporary design idea!
With everyone Going Green it is hard not to follow the trend! So have fun and be creative this Christmas! Remember its the season of giving so don`t forget to do your share and help someone in need! Even if its just recycling a little bit more this year…

Picture are from : , Cardboard Tree and Tree Hugger

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