Light it up!

I got my second youtube video up! This time it’s about lighting! Lighting is such a big aspect of design, way more than people give it credit for. So I decided to give you guys a few simple tips for lighting your home.
Layer your lights: Just like clothing layers help complete the look!  I know it seems simple to just keep one flush mounted fixture on your ceiling but you need to remember you need different lighting for every different function used in the space.
Decorative light is exactly that, decorative: You can’t rely on only decorative light to make a room bright. It is just decorative so make sure you have some general lighting for back up.
Expand your Space: You can make a room feel bigger by having an even amount of light throughout the whole space.
Tone it down: Putting lights on a dimmer can create a nice ambience.
Hot or Cold: Lighting has a colour temperature so make sure you get the correct bulb to create the right type of mood.

And here is some lighting fixtures I found while I was in New York!

EXTRA Footage from Filming:


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