In the begining…

Quote of the Day “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~ Confucius

Hello Interwebz!

I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself before I get far into my blog life so you see the real side of  who I am. My name is Kat, and I come from a small town right outside of Toronto, one of the world’s biggest multicultural soups. I am currently in my last year of Interior Decorating at the biggest college in Ontario. So needless to say I am the little fish in an oversized ocean. I have been stuck in a lot of downfalls up to this point but once you reach the bottom they say you can only go up from there. I have found my dream and my mission. I want to renovate houses in the United States of America.Ok.. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Due to work visa, and finances it will take a lot of hard work and dedication!

I will also be starting my Youtube (BlueprintBeauty ) this weekend! Just have to go through editing.. and all that fun stuff! So thank you for joining me on this journey!

On here I will go through the extra details or things I miss on my youtube. Also things that didnt make the cut. Bloopers, my Photography and soon enough my Online Portfolio!

Here Is a Video from 2010 IDS (interior design show) in Toronto:

This is my FIRST video ever! This is my frist Kim and myself. The editting will be a bit different for upcoming videos!

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